Friday, 14 January 2011

It's the weekend :)

It's finally Friday and that means one thing...... it's the weekend :o) and boy am I glad to be saying that!!

For those that know me you will know that last week I had a tumble down the stairs which result in severely spraining my ankle... dosy me!! I spent 6 days resting up completely and returned to work on Monday and what a long week it has been. Unfortunately my ankle is still very swollen and now have the colours of the rainbow on various parts of my foot from green, blue to purple :o)

Even though I saw my GP when it happened and was told it was a severe sprain I have since seen our occupational health nurse at work who recommends that I take a trip to A&E to have it x-rayed as she is not confident that it is just a sprain :o( I have decided against going tonight simply because it is Friday which normally means mayhem for any hospital.

Anyways there is lots to do over the weekend along with more resting and a little crafting :o) bought a lovely Hunkydory craft kits so will be having a little play and will finally be getting those pro markers out.

Enjoy your weekend!

Debbie x


  1. Ooh you lucky girl. I just love hunky dory!! I don't have their kits though, just a couple of card packs. Hope you get some wind down time and your foot is healing nicely.xx

  2. LOL still not sat down and played with the hunkudory kit but I have had a play with my pro markers :o) and absolutely love them. Not quite perfect but can only assume I will get better LOL xx


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