Sunday, 16 January 2011

Finally played with my Pro Markers :o)

Well it's Sunday and I thought what better to do than to get out my SWALK stamps and pro markers. Now I have had these for several months but having never being a stamper was a little nervous in case I completely fluffed it up.... I have only stamped and coloured 2 images but I absolutely LOVE them, the pro markers are just a dream to colour with :o)

Now I have tried stamping in the past using watercolour pencils but just could not get to grips with them and since have always being put of stamping but a big thank you for the pro markers as I now feel like I can stamp and get great effects!! Here are the 2 images I have coloured... OK not perfect but remember this is only my first time.

God only knows why they have decided to upload the wrong way!! But you can still see what I have done! The shading is a little to be desired but I am quite chuffed with the results :o)

Debbie x


  1. Lol you've just given me a crick in my neck!! hehe. Lovely colouring hun. So glad you're getting in some crafting time.xx

  2. Oh i have a long way to go yet but really did enjoy them.. Shading needs some work but they really are a dream to work with. Even Jase was impressed and that takes a lot...LOL xxx

  3. Brilliant for a first attempt
    Anne xx

  4. Thank you Anne, you would not believe the smile I had on my face when doing them. xx

  5. Gorgeous Debbie well done. It get easier lol xx


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