Sunday 26 August 2012

Sassy Cheryl Licensed Reseller.......

Evening all,

It's bank holiday here in the UK and I am certainly making the most of the extra time of work :)

Today I have been busy making up samples for a fabulous upcoming 'Christmas' Mega bundle but also getting myself organised too.... I realise it's been a while since I last posted on the blog but with so much going on I have completely lost track of time!!

Anyway's I thought it was time I posted to announce the Paper Creator is now a fully licensed reseller for the wonderful Sassy Cheryl Illustrations....... I am so excited to be carrying Cheryl's artwork, I have always been a fan and must confess to having a huge collection of illustrations already :o)

Over in the store you will be able to find 30 of the cutest illustrations every plus a fabulous 'Mega Bundle' which contains 20 completely different illustrations to the 30 already on the site... I also have plans to be adding many more in the coming weeks.

You can find all Sassy Cheryl Illustrations HERE, or the Mega Bundle HERE

Hope you love them as much as me...... Smiles....