Friday 20 January 2017

Frosty Cup Of Cocoa

Afternoon all,

Once again apologies for my absence, as some of you may know over
the last 15 months I have suffered terribly with my back which has resulted in
taking a large amount of medication to try and give me some relief.
In November I was meant to have what is called a caudal epidural in hope that it would
relive some of the pain and allow me to at least be comfortable once again but unfortunately
they were unable to go ahead with the procedure due to my psoriasis :(

I am currently awaiting to be seen by the consultant again for him to complete a skin assessment 
and decide on the next step, in the meantime I am left still in constant pain despite all the medication
and unable to sit for any more than 10 mins at a time which is having a massive impact on me actually been able to sit and design new stuff and to top it off just before Christmas I was stood
and lent forward to pick something up of a table and my back seized completely and I was unable to move.... So much so my partner was having to get me in and out of bed so I resulted to sleeping on the sofa where possible just to help the situation. Although that side of things seems to have eased a little I still suffer with the constant pain down my left side and unable to sit for periods of time.

I am in the process of designing some new kits just taking me a little longer than it normally does as it's 10 mins here and 10 mins there - I just wanted to explain a little about why I kept disappearing :)
Thankfully I have an awesome design team who have been very understanding and are still producing
wonderful samples that I can share with you and well I have one today.....

This adorable card is from Cely

Cely has used one of the adorable Sassy images we have in the store called
A Frosty Cup of Cocoa

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Hi Debbie, I'm sorry you're having such terrible health issues. I hope the specialists can work something out to help you, with both your psoriasis and your back. You've done so well to keep things going on Paper Creator. Sending hugs and good health wishes! Jan


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