Sunday 9 October 2016

Introducing Cely.....

Good morning all,

I hope you are all well??
The sun is shining here although there is a slight chill but
it's given me opportunity to get some photo's taken - always hard
this time of year as we don't really get chance to make use of the natural daylight!!

Anyway's the reason I am here is because I would like to
introduce Cely who has joined the design team :)

'Hey friends! I'm Cely....alias Carolina Girl. I'm a Carolina Girl who loves the beach
and beach music, but my body is stuck in Greenville, South Carolina. I would rather have
the intense sun on my back and the hot grainy sand in my shoes than to have a comfortable
chair to sit and view the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have loved colouring since I was a little girl. 
I think I must have always liked drawing too because as a child I can remember getting my fanny
spanked on a weekly basis for leaving my art work on all the walls in our house. Paper has too
small boundaries! I'm a obsessor of colour and all things papercraft! I truly believe making
cards and crafts keeps my heart and mind healthy.'

Please give Cely a nice warm welcome - I know I am
very excited to see what Cely creates with products
from the store :)



  1. Hi Cely,
    Congratulations! So happy to have you on the team. I know you are going to love working with all the fabulous Paper Creator products.



  2. Hi Cely, welcome to the group, I look forward to seeing your work. Sorry I am so late in welcoming you, have just returned from holiday.

    Pam x


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