Sunday, 29 June 2014

Meet Little Frankie......

Morning all,

I thought I would share a few pics of the new addition to
our household, one that has kept us busy that's for sure!!!

Say hello to Frankie...

Isn't she just adorable?? This was the first night she stayed with us :)

We had a little trouble with getting her to eat food to begin with but
she soon settled in and was eating in no time... Now I think she eats for two kittens LOL!!

Here she is enjoying a her new bed, she just loves curling up!!

Upstairs she has her own little activity centre which she just loves... There is
as little hut for her to hide in, a basket to curl up in, steps to get up and then a swinging hammock at the stop.

As you can see she loves hanging out in the hammock :)

Finally this was Frankie having a nap after a morning of playing with all her toys...

She is just adorable, has a super personality and loves having lots of cuddles!!



  1. She looks beautiful. Those pictures make we want to pick her up and cuddle her!

    Sharon x

  2. Hello Frankie - you are just the most adorable little thing ever.
    Debbi she is gorgeous and I hope she gives you many years of happiness and joy - Michelle x

  3. How not to crack a pretty small chip? I love tabby kittens, they are the most beautiful .. and we melt with their pretty face and expressive eyes. It is a sweet sharing that, I wish him a long life among you, I have no doubt it will be very pleased and humored as it should.
    I had to separate myself from mine for health reasons, but I miss them a lot. Thank you for these beautiful photos and sharing.
    Friendships from France

  4. OMGoodness - She is absolutely adorable! What a sweetie! Enjoy her as a kitten - so fun and they grow so quickly!

  5. she is adorable. Looks like she is right at home now *U*

  6. Oh, all those sweet photos of little Frankie just made my day! Thanks so much for sharing them. She's adorable. :-D

  7. She is so adorable, she looks as if she feels at home already, love the name you have given her too.
    Hugs Jacee

  8. Oh my what a little cutie.
    Linda xxx

  9. OMG Debbie !! Frankie is super cute !!

    hugs Diane xx

  10. Look at this babyyyyy ! Love her, oh so cuuuuute !!

  11. AAwwwww just so adorable, what a little beauty she is!!!! xxxx

  12. Adorable little kitten XOXO

  13. She looks really adorable - aren't you lucky!
    Fliss x

  14. omg soooo cute. Lovely pictures

  15. Awww, she's adorable. Love her little green eyes, so pretty. :D


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