Tuesday 5 June 2012

Keepsake Box Card Sets

Afternoon all,

Are you all enjoying the extended weekend here in the UK and joining in with the Jubilee celebrations?
We've not really had the weather for celebrations here in Cheshire..... it has been a typical bank holiday for us with wet weather all round :(

Today I wanted to share with you our lovely 'Keepsake Box Cards' - they are just wonderful and all 10 sets are available as a Mega Bundle throughout the month of June. You can see the Mega Bundle HERE.

I am only going to show you 5 of these fabulous cards - if you would like to view them all then please pop along to our Facebook page HERE :)

A Bugs Life Keepsake Box Card

These are so simple yet look so effective when made up......

Can He Fix It Keepsake Box Card

Each one contains 4 little boxes where you can pop gifts for the recipient......

Happy Bird Day Keepsake Box Card

The best part about them is they fold up into a box of there own...... Here you can see the 'Happy Bird Day Keepsake Box Card' all folded.....

Happy Bird Day Keepsake Box Folded

Aren't they sweet. Amongst the 10 wonderful sets you will find something for all occasions.....

Fairytale Keepsake Box Card

There are even ones for Christmas...... However keep checking back as we will be releasing a whole batch of Christmas themed ones - they are perfect for popping little Christmas presents inside :)

Christmas Keepsake Box Card

You can get your hands on all 10 of them via our Mega Bundle which you will find HERE. They are great value for money!! 

We hope you like them as much as we do.... That's all for now!

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  1. Hi Debbie, Just purchased the mega keepsake box kits,looks easy to do. Thanks for all your nice kits=have purchased ALL of you mega kits so far.

    Elaine Aicher


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